what if nothing tough is happening to me, am I not growing or becoming mature?

Do I need tragedy to grow my character?

With all this talk of tough times building our character, a question some people may be asking themselves is this: what if nothing tough is happening to me, am I not growing or becoming mature?

It’s not a difficult conclusion to come to after reading the bible and listening to any decent gospel preachers, but is it an accurate conclusion?

I suggest it’s not a wise conclusion and that in fact tough times must be maximised for what they are – as opportunities to trust in and depend on God. But you must also realise this:

  1. God is sovereign, and what he brings your way is what he knows you need to grow and develop in your stage and season.
  2. Life is tough, so no matter what your challenges are, it is inevitable that you will be faced with many things that develop your character even if they do not have the dramatic appeal that other people’s stories have.
  3. Following Jesus means growth, because Jesus promises us that if we follow him he will make us into people or great character (Mt 4:19). Don’t compare with other people’s stories, simply trust Jesus with your story, that’s where the growth happens.
  4. Don’t compare, it’s not about the perceived size of the challenge that matters as much as the sincere faith that you express within that challenge. Growth happens because you personally trust Jesus for yourself in the circumstances you’re in, not because they’re seemingly tougher or easier than others.
  5. Jesus is more interested in your maturity than you are, so no matter what, as long as you maintain a sense of faithfulness and obedience to Christ, he will be sure to bring to completion the work he began in you.
  6. So don’t live in dread of a tough time, live in faith and gratitude for the season you’re in, ensuring you personally are living a life of brave trust with all the inner realities that surround your soul and mind.

Jesus cares for you sincerely, let him bless you and enjoy him through all seasons!


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