Where’s the joy?

Ok… here goes… I’m going to explain 2 types of basic Christian beliefs in under 5 sentences and then explain the beauty of something that we must all be aware of.

Some Christians are categorized as Calvinists by people who think about bible stuff lots; they basically believe that God initiates his love towards us in his sovereignty and that our salvation cannot be lost and that once we are born again as Christians we cannot be unborn no matter how hard we try!

Another group of Christians are categorized as Armenians, and they essentially believe that Gods greatest gift to us is our free will and that free will trumps God’s sovereignty. They also generally believe that a person can lose their salvation through intentional backsliding and renunciation of God and Christ.

What Armenian believers generally have in common are high levels of commitment and active faith with potentially low levels of assurance of salvation as they can or could potentially lose it if things go really wrong for them.

What Calvinists have in common are generally high levels of assurance and some at lower level of active faith and to a lesser degree commitment.

Both of these camps have strengths and weaknesses and if you’re wondering where I stand; I err on the side of a Calvinist in the assurance of salvation issue but I learn much from my Armenian friends in their high levels of active faith and commitment and passion.

What’s the beautiful thing I want to tell you? Its this, that the true beauty of our faith is not how we get God, nor how we keep God in our lives, nor how we find God, but rather that we get, keep and find God!!

The key to a joyful and fruitful faith is not your siding theologically but your reality presently; you have God!

Fruitful and joyful and passionate Christians have this in common – they understand that presently they are in relation with their maker who knows them, loves them and has a plan for both them and the people in their world and He is actively involved in making this a reality in the lives of those who they share this message to. He relates to them like a perfect father, he forgives them like a perfect saviour and he teaches them like a perfect life coach, all the while he is the sovereign king and creator of the universe.

The true joy is in God…


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