let us pray – The disarming power of prayer in a production oriented world

Let us pray…

Prayer is powerful because it disarms people of their capacity to control the future, orchestrate their lives and initiate the necessary change. What happens when we pray is that we are found to be alone before God; with mostly fragility and weakness in his sight where our lives are laid bare before him.

I realized whilst praying this morning that I am a control freak on a monumental scale and this leaves me needing to hold the reigns in most areas of my life, particularly in the areas of my future, my calling, my relationships and my needs. When I am in control of those things I feel relatively secure, but if that’s not the case, then I feel deeply insecure. Prayer is the bridge that connects insecure anxiety ridden control freaks to the God who cares about us and our situation and knows how to shatter our idolatrous notions of control!

When we pray we surrender control, we essentially say to ourselves and to God that is better to stop doing much that will shape my desires and I will do something that has nothing to do with any of the pressing needs of my life, but will in fact in faith shape and determine all of those pressing needs.

Prayer is like a pit stop in Formula 1 racing. It requires that the driver get off the race track that he on, stop driving which is the very thing that is causing him to win the race, to stop working hard on performing well around each turn, to cease looking ahead and behind for potential danger and opportunities and instead to go do nothing but receive actively. Instead the driver intentionally goes into the pit lane, stops his car, listens to the pit crew and receives sustenance, all the while cars on the track are driving, taking ground and possibly even his position in the race. That is prayer; that we would cease what is getting us where we need to be and see who it is that is actually getting us there as we feel the desperate need to resume yet enjoy the deep satisfaction of knowing that in fact this is exactly what we need. The irony of prayer is that it is counter intuitive in a productive world where outcomes are the pressing need, that we should cease the common forms of production for a while and do something that feels and appears unproductive in that it requires that we focus mentally on nothing but the conversation with our invisible God, that we stop doing physical activity that helps produce or create or source a visible outcome but rather in faith we center on the provider of all of our need for the long haul of life in His universe!

Prayer is a gift to the busy hard working man in it’s capacity to bring rest to his soul, and also to the sluggard for whom proactive thought and consideration upon our precious God is a much needed call to begin to move in the name of God!

Let us pray!


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