then live.

How do people love this world without absolute and utter brokenness at the tragedy of the cross? It’s a travesty that so may people minister to others and propose wisdom to them when their own hearts are not freshly broken before Christ and the tragedy of the cross. I know the cross is good news for us, yes it’s overwhelmingly good news, but not before it has broken us and reminded us that the darling of heaven, the begotten Son, the creator, the one for whom and through whom all things were created, was tragically utterly defaced and brutally tortured and squashed at my hands.

I did it! So did you, you killed him.

It’s a devastating tragedy, an offensive reality that must be meditated upon and then again until the joy of salvation is only found on the other side of an unjustly broken, beaten and ravaged saviour king; then and only then let the joy release from every pore in your being, but before then, sit in somber silence and meditation, over and over and over until the cost of the cross makes for you a river from the ducts of your eyes, a river from the centre of your being, a river from the one whom living water comes.

Then live. Only then.

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