from my friend jp – on preaching

As we preach and challenge people, lets look at Jesus and the life he lived and call them to all that He wants for them and calls them too, no compromise. With good intentions we may preach a soft grace, or call guys to a life that is so easy they have to make no changes or sacrifice to get there. Lets preach Christ who calls us to lay down our lives, lose it if we should hope to find it. And secondly lets call guys to more. Once we say lay down your lives, lets make sure we’re calling them to pick up a life that God desires. One that is the furthest thing from safe, the furthest thing from selfish or secure.

“God forgive us for all those people we have lost because we’ve made the Gospel boring”. I am convinced if we lose kids to the culture of drugs, materialism, of violence and war, it’s because we don’t dare them, not because we don’t entertain them. It’s because we make the gospel look too easy not because we make it look too difficult. People want to do something heroic with their lives, but what are we going to do with a church that teaches them to tiptoe through life just to arrive safely to death. I read a theologian that said, lets run, dance, skip, stumble our way to death, anything rather than tiptoe there safely.

Lets get risky, lets get radical. Lets get biblical. Lets shake lives and shake the world. Jesus was a radical, a shaker, the things he says will by default then be radical and shaking. Lets speak those words; truth.


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