Your patterns may determine your idols

Most people find their lives running in patterns or cycles that go around in differing lengths of time. Within one life a person may have a number of different idolatrous patterns that repeat themselves over varied time spans depending on factors relating to the idol itself. Lets say that your idol is money. For a person like this their cycle will tend to happen slower than a person who’s idol is sex for example. The dude who’s idol is money will find himself starting or scheming a new business that will save him from his life of mediocre income every year or two. When the plan is coming together there is an air of excitement in his life and in those around him, they begin to grow hope for him and his future as they see him waking early, showing passion and even caring and loving others more than usual. This is because he is riding the adrenaline of anticipation and expectation for a change that could save him, after all, he believes that a great business with high returns will save him from his present financial suffering under the oppression of R20 000 a month which will never liberate him into financial heroism and Versaci-ism.this idolatrous cycle runs it’s course as regularly as another opportunity raises itself. It damages families and friendships and contradicts the scriptures teachings on contentment, faithfulness and most of all priorities. The hope laced in financial success devastates men into a deep sense of failure when they don’t make it, a over-developed sense of worthiness when they succeed, both options leading often to divorce, broken friendships and more.

What about sex, if a dude’s idol is sex his cycles are shorter and more fluctuant. He is overwhelmingly ecstatic when he find a sexual partner to match him. His friends are stoked for him not because they believe he’ll stick with her, but because for a few days he is fun to be around and pleasant company. Like any idol, it morphs into deeper needs as it isn’t god and soon the guy either leaves the girl, abuses her for not doing the “Goddess” function in his life or simply finds another, leaving a trail of pain, destruction, selfishness and broken trust in his wake. This can be applied to girls as well. These cycles are based on factors relating to a sexual partner, ones ability to find and get one, to keep one, the quality of relationship associated within and also level of idolatry within the person regarding sex. It could be a daily cycle to a yearly cycle depending.

What about salvation? No one would say this of themselves but many peoples idol is salvation. They desire to be saved from the life they’re in and they will do or take whatever comes their way to get that. Salvation even within the Christian faith is not a worthy desire to be saved because this is a personal self centred focus and lacks the highest need of Christian salvation which is Jesus. Many people are moving from on theory to the next depending on which one is most comfortable and compelling, but it is based on a personal idolatry around a desire to be saved.

The only remedy for idolatry is Jesus. Only he is able to release us from the lures and pains of the evil cyclic grip of idolatrous behaviour. Only when Christ is our lord and God will we be free from thinking another thing can save us. Only when we see Christ as our life source and also the one most worthy even of our death, can we find freedom from the good things that we make into God things!


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