Spontaneity – the misused spice of a bland generation

Look at me I’m spontaneous!

No you’re a not bland generation. It’s like those newspaper headlines, it’s to get your interest.
Spontaneity is a spice for our age that has been sorely misplaced into the category of idiocy and moronism. Spontaneous often equals attention seeking or something like that, but remember that the answer to misuse is not disuse, but rather proper use as many have understandably not done. Spontaneity is a gift that originates in our creator God who in spontaneous love created us and in that same love saved us. What is spontaneity not? It’s not unawareness of the consequences. It’s not lack of self-control. It’s not your stupid side taking expression with a new name – “hi, the name is Aneous, my first name is Spont”. That person deserves his surname. It’s not fear.
What is it? It’s unstoppable! It’s natural; spontaneity can grow in you as you grow in peace with God. It’s reasonable, not something to be the clown. It’s wise and fun, often separate from each other. Most importantly it’s an overflow of your heart that makes your spontaneity what it is today as you find that what is deep in your heart inevitably bubbles up and becomes your spontaneous response. Like Jesus said, out of the overflow of the mouth the heart speaks. Purified hearts equal healthy spontaneity, desperate hearts for the ways of God equal healthy spontaneity. Is your heart soft and humble and desiring the things of God in his wisdom, then you will spontaneously love fun, people, challenge, creativity and whatever else is an attribute of the God of the bible.

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