too self-aware? How i deal with it!

Get over yourself with some fun things I’ve learnt and done for years now; it’s fun, you learn things about yourself and become a joy to be with, especially when you’re by yourself. You learn to love lots of stuff you never saw before. Overly self-aware people lose out on many wonderful details of God and others. Combat it in a fun and godly way!

In no particular order!
  1. Realize this; YOU’RE WAY TOO AWARE OF YOURSELF – Rom 1
  2. Start getting a little privately and publicly eccentric, unpredictable yet godly. Try screaming under water where no one can hear you; all the stuff that bothers you, then all the stuff you love
  3. Become aware of other better things than yourself, there are lots believe it or not, start with God, end with people and interesting circumstances you have nothing to do with. Go observe something and find God in it in as many ways as you possibly can, then pray passionately for those things to happen.
  4. Do crazy stuff by yourself (without the regular audience). Punch the air as hard as you can, run as fast as you can till you can’t feel your legs, laugh at regular intervals at arbitrary things, help people publicly that don’t expect it, joke with strangers, joke with yourself, do something you’re scared to do, do something extreme until you’re petrified by your own actions (go bigger the next day), have a beer and journal this stuff in an unlikely restaurant all alone
  5. Do things that expose your self-awareness; for me that’s dancing. Play a sport, tell a joke to an audience, give extravagant words of kindness in public to another, invite help often, run as fast as you can, you know what to do!
  6. Pursue a higher awareness of what God is doing rather than what you’re doing. Look around, enquire of God what he’s up to. Regularly refer him. Reflect after situations on his dealings/ways.
  7. Laugh at yourself regularly!! Take every gap to chuckle at your own self awareness, let it become silly to you. Enjoy your failures in the light of the learning. Laugh at yourself alone. Laugh at yourself in public.
  8. Make it VERY easy for others to laugh at you. Use yourself as a source of laughter for others. Your life’s ordinariness can bring great healing to souls if you’ll let them laugh at you. Expose your weaknesses, sometimes in seriousness and often to help people lighten up and warm to you.
  9. Give yourself mini-challenges, things to deal with or do on a regular basis. Stretch yourself so that you are not allowed to think too much about yourself. Fast regarding something NB. A joke in public. A new hobby you thought you couldn’t do. A new habit to pick up. A new routine.
  10. Mumble to God AT ALL TIMES… DO IT! Everything you do, relay it to the one who’s watching. HE’S WATCING YOU! SO that you don’t have to!
  11. Live before God in every reality, laugh with him at yourself = humility. Team with God at seeing yourself for who you are in his kingdom; dearly loved, profoundly ordinary and human, yet wonderfully unique; celebrate that and do it always with God.
  12. Get into yourself, don’t watch yourself from the outside. (Don’t be laaaik so-into-yourself!) I mean, don’t observe yourself like a 3rd party, live inside yourself and use all the energy inside you to be God’s tool!
  13. Love radically upon others like you’ve never done before; extravagantly and spontaneously!!!!! Self awareness is over-valuing of self, its pride. Deal radically by loving radically. At every turn do what you can to out-love the next person, it will be tiring, but totally revitalizing because the most tiring thing is to be even more aware of ones ordinary self. Perfect love gets rid of self-awareness! Deal radically and you will discover something radical!
  14. Think about others more than yourself.
  15. Wear clothes that make you feel ugly.

This is the way that I believe I discovered myself and still am discovering who I really am with all my quirks and stupidities, I’m so glad I’ve thought about this because it is so freaking powerful and a part of my journey. It was the times alone where God shaped me through courage that was for no one else but God and my own growth so that I could be more for God. 

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