spiritually secure

I was reminded of how people look for God and his presence these days. They’re like insecure people who sit on a busy beach waiting for a friend. Unfortunately they’re too busy acting like they have something important to do like stare at their phone and reread old sms’s and reminisce through photos of the time that they bought the phone and took arbitrary pictures of themselves on the couch while it was charging for the first time. Such “busyness” causes the person to miss their friend who is searching for them on the crowded beach. We all know how that feels.
God is looking for us and wants to give us his presence; he knows where we are in his sovereignty but calls us to seek him. Are you too busy tweeting, facebooking, maybe pseudo-reading your bible to entice God to come, or even praying short sentences, when in fact you are busying yourself with things that are not God at the time, and in fact you have not yet found him?
Are you spiritually secure enough to sit up, look vulnerable enough as to appear like you have nothing better to do than to look for him? Ever sat in a public place alone and done nothing but wait patiently and with anticipation? Do that spiritually, with no other agenda but to be with and to find and to know God. Get spiritually secure and it will overflow into those long lonely afternoons on the beach!

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