The fast track to spiritual growth

As I prayed for friends and began to express hope for their growth I began to consider ways and means of encouraging them into a more speedy means of spiritual growth. I then remembered something I read from Tozer yesterday which alluded to this subject, he said that you cannot fast track spiritual growth, you cannot make revelation come.

Do I agree? Absolutely yes!

The question then remains, can we fast track spiritual growth? Answer, yes. We cannot in the sense that we cannot go faster than God will allow us, however we can go as fast as God will take us. Many or most Christians are being along dragged by God on the path of discipleship, including myself. However, the scriptures speak incessantly about the efforts of a humble person in taking hold of the inheritance that God has for them. These people in the scriptures are described as humble, hungry, and courageous, they are pursuing God’s wisdom, his grace and his teachings and are doing all they can to make them real in their own lives. They are growing in the disciplines (as best described by John Ortberg) at a rate of their growing revelations that are growing as fast as the rate of their faithfulness with the present revelations. God would love to qualify more and more people for greater levels of responsibility in his kingdom and I believe he will to those who wholeheartedly search his ways proactively apply them with all the hunger of a person who is in contact with the living God.


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