The prayer life of a changing person

It is said in scripture that trials develop character ultimately! It is my belief that God uses trials and these trials shape who we become.

Question! Why do men with a vibrant and dependant prayer life regularly enjoy higher kingdom responsibility and more in the way of anointing? I want to put it to you that prayer is a means of increasing the growth curve that are produced by trials and challenges that will happen to all people in the way of natural trials. However I believe God desires to give more responsibility to those who endure more in prayer and grieve with him over the needs of our city and this world. I believe that prayer is a show to the lord of a heart, not a person, but a heart of deep and desperate dependence upon whom God can depend and rely because it has been through the fire of the trial of prayer and petition.

I believe prayer is not meant to be too easy, although it can be at times, but rather it is a means of God’s grace to make us more ready and prepared for greater challenges in his kingdom. Without prayer tussles we show a lack of capacity to be robust and endure the challenges of more than what is already coming our way. So God in his grace uses our regular lives to grow us, but I believe prayer is a means of speeding up our personal spiritual growth, because it is a trial of faith and a tussle of faith.

Friends, if you want to speed up your spiritual growth and authority, not earn more of God’s love, just more responsibility; grow your heart for prayer in the direction of his will and his plans.

Prayer will save you heartache and prepare you for challenge. Let’s get on our knees as people, that God may take us to new levels in his kingdom!


3 thoughts on “pray

  1. Amen my bru! God confides in those who are His friends (Psalm 14:25), and the more we have fellowship with Him in prayer, around the John 21 campfire, the more we hear Him say feed my lambs, care for my sheep, feed my sheep! Then, 1 John is full of fellowship, but it is also full of obedience to commands out of the love we have freely been given.

    Also: a man that has been through deep trial (Just like John… Peter… some friends I know…) who has in the trial drawn near to God for understanding in His Word, is a great minister of Christ-comfort to others who need it. We don’t like the PIT but its there that we are trained to hang onto Jesus for everything and in that be a competent minister. Prophet-in-training.

  2. Thanks. i enjoyed reading about prayer and am thankful that another christian feels as fervent about prayer as I should. I do at times. I don’t feel I am devoting enough to that part of my relationship lately.

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