“start as you intend to finish” – he said

I once met a man who said wisely that one should start as they intend to finish. He was the father of my first girlfriend, a wise, caring and gentle man, with little regard for the claims of Christ yet much for virtue, honour and wisdom. It is no secret that in times of heightened experience ones memory or capacity to store information is greatly enhanced, such as when i was hunting and learnt the names of two trees, one being the candelabra as we know it, but in latin is known as a euphorbia ings. Or the Tambuti tree, this tree has reddish, small leaves that crunch under ones feet in the dry months like fresh corn flakes might; incredibly poisenous to cook over, this tree causes shudders to think what might happen if one were to tan a chop on it. But what about that candelabra, did it get the mention it deserved? I think not, with its gothic stance, holding up the flames of the African sun in it’s succulent  quill-covered arms, a true gem of the Zululand skyline…

my point: no, not to start as you intend to finish, nor to enjoy the flora of our beautiful nation, nor even to recall many things, rather to realise that when living fully alive, one is alert to the realities and beauties of what surrounds him. Keep alive in your soul and your senses will be heightened to the point of great delight, fascination and recollection, seek delight and your senses will be dulled to the point of great sorrow. Know where life comes from and plow towards that life source with reckless abandon,for there you will find yourself as free as ever. I dedicate this blog and this entry to life: Jesus Christ.


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